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Personalized Wealth Management Services

Your financial circumstances and goals are unique, so you need a personalized approach to your wealth management.

Insurance protection

At Financial Strategist, we are there for you when life throws you curve balls and upsets your financial apple cart. During those dire times,


The best gift that you can give your child is by investing in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP). RESP gives your child or your grandchild…

Funeral Concierge Services/Will Prep

A family member passing away is difficult to deal with, and the financial burden of the funeral and will preparation only adds to the difficulty.

Retirement Strategies

At The Financial Strategist, we help people build retirement strategies so they are prepared. We know the unpredictability of life…

Business Strategies

Running a business is never easy. You have tough margins, high operation costs, and low revenue. Hence, it is vital…

Retirement planning

The earlier you start planning your retirement finances, the better your retirement life. Most people only start thinking about their retirement…

Financial Needs Analysis

Financial need analysis is a methodical process of analyzing your personal and financial objectives so you can construct a strategy to achieve them.

Home/Auto/Commercial/Pet Insurance

Buying a house is by far the biggest investment you will make in a lifetime, and so, planning to protect it from unforeseen damages is an excellent idea.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance provides you safety whether you are travelling domestically or internationally. You can’t predict events like sickness, accidents,

Health/Dental Benefits

A healthy life determines your standard of living, and so we suggest you take health and dental insurance. It covers the cost…


It is difficult to look after personal expenses, family obligations and fulfil the required financial needs. During such times,

Frequently Asked Questions

How does life insurance and investments work together?

Retirement savings and investments help you dream big, plan for the future, and protect against what-if scenarios. Life insurance helps financially protect your family if you can no longer be there. They can pay off the mortgage, maintain their quality of life, and cover education costs without tapping into savings. Critical illness is another insurance tool that can help sustain you ― and your family ― in case of a debilitating illness that leaves you unable to work.

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